From hives, including Top Bar Hives, Warre Hives and Langstroth Hives to beekeeping guides, bee health, beekeeping tools and the Science behind bees, find it all here. 

All of the bee education you could need as a beginner to beekeeping can be found here. The perfect place to learn more about Apis Mellifera. 

We don’t sell beehives or products. And we don’t use affiliate links. All of the bee information you find here is accurate, unbiased and without a sales pitch in sight!

New to beekeeping? Dive on in to our beginners beekeeping section and learn all you need to know to get started.

From Langstroth hives to Top Bar hives, natural beehives and other designs from around the world. Find a hive to fit your needs.

Honey bees face many health challenges. Learn about common diseases and Colony Collapse Disorder.

Beekeeping Tools

Beekeeping tools and equipment are an important part of bee care. Discover what tools you will need to get started.

Check out our bee blog to learn more about creating bee friendly environments, beekeeping, and all of the best tips and tricks 

Scientific Studies

Delve deeper into the science of bees with easy to understand breakdowns of everything from pheromones to bee anatomy.


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