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How Bees Make Honey

First, bees leave the hive to collect nectar from flowers. Nectar is a sweet liquid like sugar water.

The bees suck up the nectar and store it in their honey stomach. When their honey stomach is full, they return to the hive.

Now they start the honey making process.

bee pollen flower

When the bee arrives back at the beehive, it passes the honey to the house bees from its mouth with its special tongue that is shaped like a straw.

The bees then start to chew the liquid nectar, passing it from bee to bee. The more they chew it, the thicker it gets. The nectar is reduced from 70% water content down to 20%.

It has now transformed into honey.

drawing comb

The bees then put the honey into honey cells in the honeycomb. It is still a little bit too wet, so they use their wings to blow air over it to help make it even thicker.

The last step is to seal he honey in the honeycomb with a wax lid. This is what beeswax is made out of. The wax keeps the honey clean and fresh.

Now the honey is ready for future use.

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