The Guidelines

Contributor Guidelines for Honey Bees Home Blog

Thank you for your interest in writing for us! Guest posts are an fantastic opportunity for us to educate our audience  outside of our team’s knowledge and expertise while giving you a chance to “reach out to our audience.”

Below are some things to bear in mind when submitting an idea for our blog. Please read everything before filling in the contact form. 

The Goal

  • Provide our readers with tips, ideas, and valuable information that will help them understand the complex world of bees.
  • Give readers advice that they can use without needing to buy expensive items.
  • Share unique perspectives and thoughts on topics such as bee keeping, bee population, organic gardening, etc. Your unique thoughts can bring a fresh perspective to worn out topics.

The Audience

  • Anyone looking for insights and advice on bees, bee keeping, organic farming practices, tips, tricks and self-build projects. We cater for all ages, so whether its a post for kids, or one for adults, we are open to your ideas

Format Guidelines

  • We use Google Docs. We can give you a template to write on if you would prefer.
  • Title: Each word should be capitalised
  • Sub headers: Capitalise only the first word of the header.
  • Bold any noteworthy points.
  • Punctuation goes inside quotes. “Just like this.”
  • We like the Oxford comma.It makes reading more natural.
  • We only use one space between sentences.
  • Capitalise the first word of a bullet point.
  • Keep each paragraph to 300 words or less and sentences to 20-25 words.
  • Add a conclusion. Basically summarise the point of your post. 
  • We only use British English on our site. You can submit in American English, but the spellings will be changed to fit in with our site style.

Additional Items  We Need From You:

  • A short biography (roughly 2-3 sentences).
  • Links to your social media account and website/blog if you want a backlink.
  • The name that you want to be published as.
  • Your email address linked to your Gravatar (if you have it)


  • We love it when content gets shared. Please share your post via social media and help us spread the word.
  • Keep an eye out for blog comments and respond to each, even if it’s with a simple “Thanks!.”
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