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We love everything to do with bees! From beekeeping to the secret world of bee life, we want to share it all with you. Our site is built with bee beginners and bee lovers in mind. Ever wondered how bees make honey? Find it here. Want to keep bees and looking for some useful tips and advice? Check our bee blog. Once you start exploring the world of bees, you will catch the bee bug.

Whether you are looking for bee information, beekeeping guides, beehive types, or anything else to do with the Apidae species, we have you covered.

For some, bees are seen as pests. But for most, they are appreciated for their pollination and honey production. Without them, the world would be a very different place.

Bees can teach us mere humans a lot about cooperation, tolerance, and caring for the environment. For beekeepers, bees are more than just insects. They are 60,000+ miniature pets.

Of all the different types of bees in the world, two tend to come to mind. These are honey bees and the bumble bee. One family is social, the other solitary.

If you find a bee nest in your garden, don’t rush out to destroy it. More often than not, bees will quite happily coexist alongside humans without showing signs of aggression.

Honey bees, while not wild, perform miracles on a daily basis. These hard little workers ensure crops grow, plants continue to bloom, and seeds to be formed.

If you are thinking about keeping bees, you will find lots of useful bee information on our blog. Discover more about bee stings, the lifespan of unfertilised eggs and much more.

When it comes to encouraging bees into your garden, learn about how to create and use nectar spaces, landscaping and awesome structures to your advantage.

We love sharing bee information almost as much as we love learning about it. Every day is a new lesson, with bees making life more colourful and rounded.

If you have any bee topics you would like to see covered, or would like to contribute as an expert, get in touch. Together, we can improve the world for bees… and for ourselves.

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